ErrorClass Overview

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The ErrorClass declares an error manager which consistently and flexibly handles any errors. That is, for a given program scope, you define all possible errors by ID number, severity, and message text, then when an error or other notable condition occurs, you simply pass the appropriate ID to the error manager which processes it appropriately based on its severity level.

The defined "errors" may actually include questions, warnings, notifications, messages, benign tracing calls, as well as true errors. The ErrorClass comes with about forty general purpose database errors already defined. You can expand this list to include additional general purpose errors, your own application-specific errors, or even field specific data validation errors. Your expansion of the errors list may be "permanent" or may be done dynamically at runtime.

ErrorClass Source Files

Multiple Customizable Levels of Error Treatment

Predefined Windows and Database Errors

Dynamic Extensibility of Errors

ErrorClass ABC Template Implementation

ErrorClass Relationship to Other Application Builder Classes

ErrorClass Macro Expansion

ErrorClass Multi-Language Capability

ErrorClass Conceptual Example