Errors (recognized error definitions)

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&ErrorEntry, PRIVATE

The Errors property is a reference to the data structure that holds all errors recognized by the ErrorClass. The defined "errors" may actually include questions, warnings, messages, notifications, benign tracing calls, as well as true error conditions.

The default errors are defined in ABERROR.TRN. You may edit ABERROR.TRN to customize the default error list. The Init method adds these default error definitions to the Errors property at runtime. You may also use the SetFatality method, the AddErrors method, and the RemoveErrors method to customize the Errors property at runtime.

The SetFatality method changes the severity level of a specified error.

The AddErrors method lets you add more error definitions, override existing error definitions, or both. The Errors property may have more than one error with the same ID. Error definitions added later "override" any earlier definitions with the same IDs. The "overridden" definitions are preserved for substitution into the %Previous macro symbol.

The RemoveErrors method lets you remove error definitions, restore previously overridden errors, or both.

The error message text may contain "macros" recognized by the error manager. The error manager expands these macro symbols to their current runtime values before displaying the message. See Macro Expansion for more information.


Errors is a reference to a queue declared in ABERROR.INC as follows. For each recognized error, the Errors property includes an ID number, error message text, window title text, and a severity indicator.

ErrorEntry QUEUE,TYPE        !List of all error definitions

Id          USHORT           !Error message identifier

Message     &STRING          !Message text

Title       &STRING          !Error window caption bar text

Fatality    BYTE             !Severity of error

Category    ASTRING          !Optional category for this error

                            !if blank uses CurrentCategory


See Also:     AddErrors, Init, RemoveErrors, SetFatality