ExtractText (identify text to translate)

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The ExtractText property contains the pathname of a file to receive a list of runtime user interface text to translate. If ExtractText contains a pathname, the TranslatorClass identifies, extracts, and writes the user interface text it encounters at runtime to the named file.

To generate a complete list of text to translate, assign a filename to the ExtractText property, compile and run your application, then open each procedure, menu, and option in the application. When you close the application, the TranslatorClass generates a sorted list of all the untranslated text items. You can then use this information to provide appropriate translations for the untranslated text. See AddTranslation for more information.

For applications that do dynamic text assignments based on data, you may even want to set the ExtractText property when you deploy your application, so you can collect the text that actually appears on end user screens based on the specific ways the end users work and the data they access.


The ExtractText property defaults to blank. A value of blank does not extract untranslated text. A non-blank value extracts the text, and a valid pathname writes the untranslated text to the specified file.

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