FieldPairsClass Functional Organization - Expected Use

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As an aid to understanding the FieldPairsClass, it is useful to organize its various methods into two large categories according to their expected use--the primary interface and the virtual methods. This organization reflects what we believe is typical use of the FieldPairsClass methods.

Non-Virtual Methods

The Non-Virtual Methods, which you are likely to call fairly routinely from your program, can be further divided into three categories:

Housekeeping (one-time) Use:



initialize the FieldPairsClass object



add a field pair based on one source field



terminate the FieldPairsClass object

Mainstream Use:



assign each "left" field to its "right" counterpart



assign each "right" field to its "left" counterpart



return 1 if all pairs are equal, 0 if any pair is not equal

Occasional Use:



CLEAR each "left" field



CLEAR each "right" field



return 1 if all pairs are equal, 0 if any pair is not equal

Virtual Methods

Typically you will not call these methods directly. However, we anticipate you will often want to override these methods, and because they are virtual, they are very easy to override. These methods do provide reasonable default behavior in case you do not want to override them.



add a field pair to the List property