FileManager Methods

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AddField(track fields in a structure)

AddKey (set the file's keys)

BindFields (bind fields when file is opened)

CancelAutoInc (undo PrimeAutoInc)

ClearKey (clear specified key components)

Close (close the file)

Deleted (return record status)

DeleteRecord (delete a record)

Destruct (automatic destructor)

EqualBuffer (detect record buffer changes)

Fetch (get a specific record by key value)

GetComponents (return the number of key components)

GetEOF (return end of file status)

GetError (return the current error ID)

GetField (return a reference to a key component)

GetFieldName (return a key component field name)

GetFields(get number of fields)

GetFieldPicture(get field picture)

GetFieldType(get field type)

GetName (return the filename)

Init (initialize the FileManager object)

Insert (add a new record)

KeyToOrder (return ORDER expression for a key)

Kill (shutdown the FileManager object)

Next (get next record in sequence)

Open (open the file)

Position (return the current record position)

PostDelete(trigger delete action post-processing)

PostInsert(trigger insert action post-processing)

PostUpdate(trigger update action post-processing)

PreDelete(trigger delete action pre-processing)

PreInsert(trigger insert action pre-processing)

PreUpdate(trigger update action pre-processing)

Previous (get previous record in sequence)

PrimeAutoInc (prepare an autoincremented record for adding)

PrimeFields (a virtual to prime fields)

PrimeRecord (prepare a record for adding:FileManager)

RestoreBuffer (restore a previously saved record buffer)

RestoreFile (restore a previously saved file state)

SaveBuffer (save a copy of the record buffer)

SaveFile (save the current file state)

SetError (save the specified error and underlying error state)

SetKey (set current key)

SetName (set current filename)

SetOpenMode (set file open mode)

Throw (pass an error to the error handler for processing)

ThrowMessage (pass an error and text to the error handler)

TryFetch (try to get a specific record by key value)

TryInsert (try to add a new record)

TryNext (try to get next record in sequence)

TryOpen (try to open the file)

TryPrevious (try to get previous record in sequence)

TryPrimeAutoInc (try to prepare an autoincremented record for adding)

TryReget (try to get a specific record by position)

TryUpdate (try to change the current record)

TryValidateField(validate field contents)

Update (change the current record)

UseFile (use LazyOpen file)

ValidateField (validate a field)

ValidateFields (validate a range of fields)

ValidateFieldServer(validate field contents)

ValidateRecord (validate all fields)

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