FileManager Properties

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The FileManager properties include references to the specific file being managed, as well as several flags or switches that tell the FileManager how to manage the referenced file.

The references are to the file, the file name, and the file's record buffer. These references allow the otherwise generic FileManager object to process a specific file.

The processing switches include file access (sharing) mode, a create/nocreate switch, a held records mode, and a LOCK wait time parameter.

Each of these properties is fully described below.

AliasedFile (the primary file)

Buffer (the record buffer)

Buffers (saved record buffers)

Create (create file switch)

Errors (the ErrorManager)

File (the managed file)

FileName (variable filename)

FileNameValue (constant filename)

LazyOpen (delay file open until access)

LockRecover (/RECOVER wait time parameter)

OpenMode (file access/sharing mode)

OpenModeOverwritten (file open mode is overwritten)

SkipHeldRecords (HELD record switch)