Finish (rollback or commit transaction)

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Finish( errorlevel )


Completes the transaction processing


An integer constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that sets the current error level, and determines the success of the transaction process.

Finish completes the TransactionManager process. Using the errorlevel value it will rollback or commit the transaction. An errorlevel of Level:Benign will commit (complete) the transaction, where any other errorlevel set will force a rollback (cancellation) of the transaction.



The Finish method should be called in the TakeCompleted method to validate a transaction. During a process, it can be called at any time to commit or rollback a batch of records processed. The method calls either the TransactionCommit or TransactionRollback methods in order to complete the transaction process.




 ReturnValue = PARENT.TakeCompleted()

 ! A ReturnValue other than Level:Benign will rollback the transaction

 IF SELF.Request<>ViewRecord



   RETURN ReturnValue



See Also: Start, TransactionCommit, TransactionRollback