Formula Dialog

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This dialog lists all formulas already created for a procedure, along with their template classes. It allows you to add or edit formulas.

If any formulas already exist for the procedure, this dialog appears when you push the Formulas button in the Application Tree.

The list displays the following information:


Lists all existing formulas within the procedure.


Lists the template class associated with the formula. A formula's class determines when its calculation is performed. Each template has its own set of classes. For example, in the Form Procedure Template there is a class called "After Lookups" which tells the Application Generator to compute the formula after all lookups to secondary files are completed for the procedure.


A short text description of the formula.


The dialog offers the following buttons and their actions:


Loads the currently selected formula into the Formula Editor for editing.


Loads the Formula Editor, ready to create a new formula.


Deletes the selected formula.

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