Called Procedures

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Procedures may call other procedures. Procedure calls specified with template prompts are automatically added to the Application Tree; however, the Application Generator cannot "see" procedures called from embedded source code.

Identifying these embedded procedure calls is important to project management and to source code generation. When you use the Procedures button to identify procedures called within embedded source code, the Application Generator can properly display the procedures within the Application Tree hierarchy, and the Application Generator can generate the appropriate local MAP structure for the source module.

In addition, you can also use this feature for documenting external procedure calls and tables referenced therein.

The Called Procedure dialog provides two ways to add procedures:



This tab control provides a complete list of all procedures defined in the application. Click on any procedure to identify it as a called procedure. You can also use the Select All and Deselect All to mark and unmark all procedures in the list.


This tab control provides an alternative method for adding called procedures. This technique is useful when there are too many procedures in your application and the Selection method becomes difficult. In the List section, you manually enter, change, delete and arrange the called procedures using the buttons provided.