Application Tree Dialog - Procedure View

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In the main window the first Tab is the "Application Tree".  This Tab displays your procedures in its logical call tree, connecting each procedure under its calling procedure. The first procedure your application executes is called "Main" by default.

This dialog diagrams how your procedures branch from "Main" and also from each other. This provides a schematic of your program's logical structure.

There is a dropdown list on the right side ub=nder a Prompt that reads "Tree Mode:", by default the drop list is in "Procedure" order. But you have the option to change the order to the following:


Procedure (default view; organizes all Procedures by their calling order)
 Module - (order the display by the physical filename for the generated file)

Template (organizes all Procedures grouped by Template type)

Name (display an alpha sorted list)

Category (organizes all Procedures by Template Category type)

Modified (organizes all Procedures by the date they were last edited; makes it easy to find where you last left off)