GetItemChecked (return toggle item status)

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GetItemChecked( name )


Returns the status of a toggle menu item.


A string constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression containing the menu item name. The AddItem, AddItemMimic, or AddMenu methods set the item name.

The GetItemChecked method returns one (1) if the item is checked (on) and zero (0) if the item is not checked (off). The SetItemCheck method sets the state of a toggle menu item.


The name parameter accepts up to 1024 characters.

Return Data Type:     BYTE


IF PopupMgr.Ask() = 'Disable'            !if Disable item selected

 IF PopupMgr.GetItemChecked('Disable')   !if item is checked/on

  PopupMgr.SetItemCheck('Disable',False) ! toggle it off

  ENABLE(?Save)                          ! take appropriate action

 ELSE                                    !if item is not checked/off

  PopupMgr.SetItemCheck('Disable',True)  ! toggle it on

  DISABLE(?Save)                         ! take appropriate action



See Also:     AddItem, AddItemMimic, AddMenu, SetItemCheck