GetLineMode(get Menu line styles)

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GetLineMode ()



The GetLineMode method is used to get up to four different line styles for the active menu.

This method uses the following bit-mapped equates:


MenuLine:Default       EQUATE(0)

MenuLine:ShowGutter    EQUATE(1)

MenuLine:FullSeparator EQUATE(2)

MenuLine:Embossed      EQUATE(4)


To get which line mode is active, use the BAND function to test the value retrieved.


Return Value:   BYTE



The GetLineMode method is a tool for the developer to detect which line mode is active, and to toggle it if needed.





IF NOT MenuStyleMgr.GetLineMode()

 LOC:MenuLineStyle = 'Using Default '



IF NOT MenuStyleMgr.GetLineMode() > 3

 LOC:MenuLineStyle = 'Embossed is active'




See Also: SetLineMode(set Menu line styles), ApplyTheme(Set Menu Colors and Indicators)