GetMenuMetric (Get Menu Style Metric Value)

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GetMenuMetric( metricID )


Returns the current value of the Metric ID specified as an unsigned integer.



An unsigned integer that identifies a specific metric in which the current value will be returned.


GetMenuMetric is used to return the current value of the menu metric specified by the metricID.

A menu metric is a built-in menu characteristic that is applied to all areas of a target menu. The list of metrics is shown as follows:


MenuMetric     ITEMIZE(1),PRE

cxBarLMargin     EQUATE   ! Selection Bar Left Margin

cxBarRMargin     EQUATE   ! Selection Bar Right Margin

cxItemLMargin    EQUATE   ! Menu Item Left Margin

cxItemRMargin    EQUATE   ! Menu Item Right Margin

cxImageLMargin   EQUATE   ! Menu Image Left Margin

cxImageRMargin   EQUATE   ! Menu Image Right Margin

cxTextLMargin    EQUATE   ! Menu Text Left Margin

cxTextRMargin    EQUATE   ! Menu Text Right Margin

cxKeySpace       EQUATE   ! Extra space added to accelerator key's name

cxSysMenuLMargin EQUATE   ! Extra space added to system menu icon

cxSysBarDelta    EQUATE   ! Read-only: extra space adding by Windows to menubar items

cxSubMenu        EQUATE

cxGutter         EQUATE   ! Read-only: width of gutter if any

cySeparator      EQUATE   ! Height of separator

cyItemVMargin    EQUATE   ! Extra space added above and below menu item

cySepVMargin     EQUATE   ! Extra space added above and below menu separator