GetQueueMatch (locate a list item)

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GetQueueMatch( search value ), PROTECTED


Locates the search value within the first field of the display queue.

search value

A string constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression containing the value to locate.

The GetQueueMatch method locates a value within the first field of the display queue and returns the position of the matching item. A return value of zero (0) indicates no matching items.

The Init method case parameter determines the type of search (case sensitive or insensitive) performed.

Return Data Type:     LONG



MyFileDropComboClass.TakeEvent PROCEDURE

UserStr     CSTRING(256),AUTO



 OF EVENT:Accepted


 IF SELF.GetQueueMatch(UserStr) = 0     !if entered value not in

  SELF.Reset                            ! lookup file / queue

  IF SELF.Ask()=Level:Benign            !update the lookup file



   SELF.ResetFromItem(SELF.GetQueueMatch(UserStr))!position to new item



  !procedure code


See Also:     Init