GETREG (get Windows registry entry)

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GETREG(root, keyname [, valuename] [, *? valuetype] ),STRING




Gets the value of a specific key and/or value from the system registry.


A LONG integer, variable or expression that contains the root section of the registry from which to obtain the value. Valid values for this are defined in equates.clw and are as follows:
















A STRING constant, variable or expression that contains the key name of the key whose value is to be queried. This may contain a path separated by backslash ‘\’ characters.


A STRING constant, variable or expression that contains the name of the value to be queried, if omitted, the value associated directly with the key is returned.


An optional integer variable that receives the type of value. It can be used for correct interpreting of the returned valuename.


Supported types are:


REG_NONE – value is ignored


REG_SZ - value is a string


REG_EXPAND_SZ - value is a string that can contain unexpanded environment variables


REG_MULTI_SZ - value is a string that consists of substrings separated with '<0>' characters; last substring is terminated with two consecutive '<0>' characters. NOTE: this value result can not be assigned to a CSTRING


REG_DWORD - value is a 32 bit number


REG_DWORD_LITTLE_ENDIAN - value is a 32 bit number


REG_DWORD_BIG_ENDIAN - value is a 32 bit number


REG_QWORD - value is a 64 bit number


REG_QWORD_LITTLE_ENDIAN - value is a 64 bit number


REG_BINARY - value string is a binary data of any form


The REG_* constants are declared in EQUATES.CLW

The GETREG function returns the value of named entry in the system registry as a Clarion string. If the requested entry does not exist, an empty string is returned.

Vista and Clarion Built-in Registry Functions

On Vista, a (non-elevated) app can READ the registry key HKLM (local machine) with no problems, but as far as writing to the Registry it needs to use HKCU (current user).

If you code sign your executable and run with elevated privileges then you can write to HKLM


Return Data Type:     STRING










CurrentPath CSTRING(100)

ColorScheme CSTRING(100)



  CurrentPath =|


  !Returns root directory of Clarion 8 install


  ColorScheme =|

  GETREG(REG_CURRENT_USER,'Control Panel\Current','Color Schemes')

  !get the current user's color scheme


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