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Clarion is a data-centric application development tool. Businesses rely on data. That means Clarion is optimized to create business programs. Clarion’s data-centric approach begins with the Data Dictionary.

In Clarion, you can create a Data Dictionary using the Dictionary Editor and import your desired business data. You can then create a working application based on that data with the help of the Application Wizard—all with no coding required, and in less than 10 minutes.

We will demonstrate this, and more, in this lesson!

In this section:


You’ll use the Import Tables Wizard in the Dictionary Editor to import a Customer and Orders table.


You’ll define the relationship between two tables in the Dictionary Editor, complete with Referential Integrity rules.


You’ll use Clarion’s Application Wizard to create a complete relational database application from the same data dictionary.


Finally, you’ll use the Application Generator to add more functionality to the application using one of Clarion’s Procedure Wizards.


This should all take about thirty minutes—without any "coding" on your part. By the end of this section, you’ll have a complete application for a database containing three related tables.

Welcome! Let’s get started!


Make sure that the Clarion IDE is loaded (started). Close any windows that may be opened at this time. You can leave this help file opened, and task switch back and forth with the IDE windows.

Exercise One - Create the Dictionary