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GraphClass Overview

Relationship to Other Application Builder Classes

GraphClass ABC Template Implementation

GraphClass Source Files

GraphClass Properties

eShowSBonFirstThread (display on base status bar)

eSumYMax (calculated maximum node value)

gShowMouse (show mouse coordinates on target)

gShowMouseX (show mouse X coordinate on target)

gShowMouseY (show mouse Y coordinate on target)

gShowDiagramName (show diagram name on target)

gShowDiagramNameV (show diagram value on target)

gShowNodeName (show node name on target)

gShowNodeNameV (show nade name value on target)

gShowNodeValue (show node axis values on target)

gShowNodeValueX (show node x-axis value on target)

gShowNodeValueY (show node y-axis value on target)


GraphClass Methods

AllText (return full graph text information)

BeginRefresh (prepare drawing of graph class object)

CalcBestPositionNodeText (calculate graph text best fit position)

CalcCurrentGraph (calculates values for current graph type)

CalcCurrentNode (calculates values of current node)

CalcGraph (calculates all graph object values)

CalcPopup (create popup menu for graph object)

CalcPopupAdd2 (create popup menu item text for graph object)

DiagramNameText (create diagram name text)

DiagramText (create diagram name text with prompts)

Draw (calculate and draw GraphClass object)

DrawGraph (draws calculated values)

DrawReport (draw graph object on report)

DrawWallpaper (draw background wallpaper for graph object)

DrillDown (transfer control to new graph object)

FindNearbyNodes (locate nodes based on mouse position)

GetMouse (get mouse coordinates in all formats)

GetValueFromField (get contents of specified field)

GetValueFromStatusBar (return status bar zone contents)

ImageToWMF (Save object and return WMF file name)

Init (Initialize the graph object)

Interactivity (process mouse location data to tool tip or control)

IsOverNode ( is mouse over node location)

Kill (shut down the GraphClass object)

MouseText (creates text and mouse coordinate information)

MouseXText (generate X coordinate text only)

MouseYText (generate Y coordinate text only)

NodeNameText (generate current node name identifier)

NodeText (generate label, name, and node value)

NodeTipText (generate node information for tool tip)

NodeValueText (generate current node value text)

NodeXText (generate X node text value)

NodeYText (generate Y node text value)

Popup (GraphClass object popup menu manager)

PopupAsk (Display popup menu for graph object)

PostEvent (send an event to the GraphClass object)

PrintGraph (send graph object to printer)

Refresh (refresh drawing of GraphClass object)

Resize (conditional refresh when size changed)

ReturnFromDrillDown ( transfer control to graph object after drilldown)

SaveAsGraph (save graph to WMF file selected)

SaveGraph (auto-save graph to WMF file)

SetDefault (initialize selected graph properties)

ShowOnField (show text contents to specified field)

ShowOnStatusBar (show text to status bar zone)

TakeEvent (process graph control events)

TakeEventofParent (process all graph events)

ToolTip (show all text to tool tips)

ToShowValues (show all composite text to all graph targets)