GRID (set list grid-line display color)

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Specifies list box grid-line display color.


A LONG or ULONG integer constant, or constant EQUATE, containing the red, green, and blue components that create the color in the three low-order bytes (bytes 0, 1, and 2), or an EQUATE for a standard Windows color value.

The GRID attribute (PROPLIST:GRID) specifies the display color of grid-lines in a COMBO, or LIST control. EQUATEs for Windows' standard colors are contained in the EQUATES.CLW file. Windows automatically finds the closest match to the specified rgb color value for the hardware on which the program is run.


WinOne WINDOW,AT(0,0,400,400)


       FORMAT('80L*IT~First Name~*80L~Last Name~16C~Initials~')