gShowDiagramNameV (show diagram value on target)

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gShowDiagramNameV is used to determine where the diagram name text information will be displayed in the graph control. Diagram name text (series name) is the label of each set of data points that you have defined for the graph control, without an added ‘Diagram:’ prompt.


gShowDiagramNameV uses the gShowToType GROUP. Each group element is defined as follows:



A BYTE value, when set to TRUE, shows information on graph object’s ToolTip


A BYTE value, when set to TRUE, shows target information on the WINDOW title


A LONG integer that identifies the field equate to show the target information. The target field can be any field capable of displaying the designated information.


A LONG integer Number of a zone of a status bar of a condition to show the text.


See Also:     DiagramNameText, ShowOnField