Guide to the Clarion Examples

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A collection of ready-to-use Sample Applications. The databases for these applications interlock and complement each other. You can easily extend some of these applications into a custom suite.

The ready-to-use sample applications included with the current release demonstrate a variety of Clarion programming techniques. Use these Sample Applications to learn by example.

All the applications depend on source code automatically generated by the templates, so they were developed very quickly and they benefit from the reliable time tested foundation code that is built-in to the Clarion and ABC Templates. Each application includes complete commented source code, help files, and detailed splash windows where appropriate.

Also included with this release are programs that demonstrate a variety of Clarion programming techniques. Some of these are hand-coded programs showing the power of the Clarion language. Others use the Application Generator to demonstrate its capabilities.

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ADO Example Suite

API Call Example

Browse Grid and Dynamic Image Example

Browses (ABC Template Chain)

Browses (Clarion Template Chain)

Business Graphing

Business Math

Business Rules

Call ABC Method Tree

Crystal Reports

DDE Example Suite --How to make your program a DDE Client or Server

Dictionary (Client-side) Triggers Example

DLL Deployment Example

Driver Trace Application

EIP (Edit-in-Place) Example

Forms (ABC Template Chain)


Invoice Manager

Library Maker -- Make a SoftVelocity .LIB for any .DLL

Messaging Examples

New Features of Clarion 6

OCX Properties Example -- Managing OCXs and their properties.

ODBC Join Example-- An example of how to use any ODBC data source.

OLE Example -- OLE objects activated, saved, and restored.

Oracle Example

People Example (Extended Report Capabilities) -- Use the ABC Templates and Classes to dynamically sort and filter reports. Run two or more reports from the same procedure. Run a two-pass report.

Prototype Generator --Converts Clarion prototypes to C prototypes and Name Mangles the prototype.

Reports (Clarion Template Chain)

Report Output Generator Example

ReportWriter Examples

Rich Text

School Manager

Show Image Example (Multi-language programming) -- An example of how to use multiple languages (Clarion, C++, etc.) in a single program.


Thread Model Example

Version Resource Information in a Multi-DLL setting

Web Invoice Example (Web Builder templates)

Web Tutorial (Internet Connect)

Windows API Assistant -- Managing Windows API Prototypes for Clarion Programs

XML Parsing Example



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