HistoryKey (restore field key)

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The HistoryKey property enables "save/restore field history" and sets the keystroke which restores a form field's prior saved value. When the end user presses the specified key, the WindowManager retores the field with focus from the previously processed record.


The WindowManagerClass does not initialize the HistoryKey property. Your derived Init method should initialize the HistoryKey property if your window uses a history key. See the Conceptual Example.

The AddHistoryFile method names the file and record buffers from which fields are saved and restored. AddHistoryField associates specific fields from the history file with their corresponding WINDOW controls. The SaveHistory method saves a copy of the history fields. The RestoreField method restores the contents of a specific control.

Keystroke EQUATEs are declared in \LIBSRC\KEYCODES.CLW.

See Also:     AddHistoryField, AddHistoryFile, RestoreField, SaveHistory