How to add Column Tool Tips to a List Box

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The List Box Formatter includes support for column field numbers and individual column (or cell) tool tips.. The AutoFieldNumber property designates that the field numbering of the selected column will be "standard", based on the order that it appears in the list box. Setting this property to FALSE allows the field numbering to be modified.

The Tooltip property is used to activate a specific tooltip for the selected column.

Before you can activate individual column tooltips, make sure that you have a tooltip defined for the listbox control. This is located in the Tip property of the Properties Pad of the selected list box control.

A DefaultColumnTip property, shown on the list box Formatter’s column property pad, is used to designate default text to be used for the selected column’s tool tip.


Variable Column Tool Tip Template Support

A column tool tip’s contents can now be associated with a variable. Support for this feature is found in the Actions of the selected list box in a BrowseBox, Drop List (ABC only) and the Drop Combo (ABC only) control templates:

In the Tooltips tab control, a list box displays the column data elements that have the ToolTip checkbox active. Press the Properties button to display the Customize BrowseBox tooltips dialog. Press the ellipsis button to select a variable that will contain the text of your column’s tool tip.

Column ToolTip Language Support - List Box Format String


A P modifier (PROPLIST:Tip) adds a tool tip to the group. The column’s tip text by default is derived from the next queue field that follows the queue field used to hold the actual column’s data. If the designated queue field is empty, the Q modifier (see below) designates a string value to use as a default tool tip. Also valid with a VLB (Virtual List Box). Not valid in a REPORT.

Q (string)

A Q followed by a string (PROPLIST:DefaultTip) designates the default column tip text to be displayed if the value of the designated P modifier is an empty string. Not valid in a REPORT.


It is not necessary to be concerned with the precise syntax of the List Box Format String. Always use the List Box Formatter to build the string for you. If you are using PROP:FORMAT in your embedded source, you can always cut and paste your format string from the Formatter as needed.

Associated New Template Symbols

As a result of the new IDE support for List Box Column Tool Tips, the following template symbols have been added.


Similar to symbols like %ControlHasIcon but for per-cell (list box column) tooltip (P modifier)


Similar to symbols like %ControlFieldHasIcon but for per-cell (list box column) tooltip (P modifier)


A string value that contains value of the column default tip if it is given, or an empty string otherwise.