How to Change Your Application's Dictionary

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On occasion, your application development may be split across two or more different data dictionaries. For example, you may want to merge two separate dictionaries into one, then point your applications at the resulting new dictionary.

Do not use the Application Change Dictionary menu command to change to a different dictionary. This command is only appropriate when the two dictionaries are exactly the same.

To continue developing an existing application with a different but similar data dictionary, it is necessary to allow the application to re-establish its internal references to dictionary IDENTs (see the Advanced Programming Resources PDF for more information on IDENTs). Follow these steps:


Make backups of all .APPs and .DCTs involved in the change.


Create the modified dictionary (.DCT).

You may cut and paste from other dictionaries, import from text dictionaries (.TXD), or use the Dictionary Editor.


Create a text application file (.TXA) referencing the new dictionary. To do this:

Load the application to modify into the Clarion environment.

Choose Application Export Application to Text.

In the Save Application Text dialog, specify the filename and path of the .TXA file.

Using any text editor, edit the .TXA file. The dictionary name usually appears on the third line of the .TXA file, like this: DICTIONARY 'OLD.DCT.' Change this line to show the new dictionary name: DICTIONARY 'NEW.DCT.'


Create a new application by importing the .TXA file.

From the Clarion development environment, choose Tools C6H0013.BMP} Application Options, then clear the Require a dictionary check box.

Close any active applications (press the OK button).

Choose File New Solution, Project or Application, then specify the application name and path in the New Project dialog. If you have backed up your application, you may want to specify the same name and path. Press the Create button.

From the Application Properties dialog, clear the Application Wizard check box, then press the OK button.

From the Clarion development environment, choose Application Import Txa, then specify the .TXA file you created in the previous step. Press Replace All when prompted by the Procedure name clash dialog.

That's it. You can now develop your application using the new dictionary.