How to Convert a File (without generating source)

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If a file's definition needs to be changed and meaningful data exists, follow these steps to convert the file. This method does not create an executable file. It converts the data file on your system to a new format. If you want to create a file conversion program see How to Convert a File--Generate Source

It is always a good idea to make backup copies of your files before running any conversion process.

If you change the name of a field, you must generate source code, and edit the source code to make the field assignments. Otherwise, your data will be lost.


Open (load) the dictionary that contains the file to be modified.


Modify the data file definition as desired (add fields or keys, etc.).


With the modified file highlighted in the DCT Explorer, press the button to load the data file in the Database Browser.

A dialog appears, giving you different options to convert the table..


Select an option, and press the OK button to convert the file.

The conversion process is now complete!