How to Create a Dictionary (.DCT) File

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You generally create a data dictionary as the first step in creating an application. Therefore, you will access it first from the development environment''s main menu.

There are two ways to create a new dictionary.

Method 1 – From the Start Page

To open the Dictionary Editor to create a new dictionary file:


Make sure that the Start Page is opened. If not opened, select View  Show Start Page from the main IDE menu.


Press the Dictionaries category, and press the New Dictionary button.


Specify the path (Folders) and File Name for your dictionary file, then press the Save button.

Method 2 – From the File Menu


From the IDE File Menu, select New > File. You can also simply press CTRL + N or press the New File button from the IDE toolbar.


The New File dialog appears. In the Categories list, select Clarion Data Dictionary, and in the Quick Starts window, select Data Dictionary, and press the Create button.

In this method a new dictionary is created. with a name and a number, in this case Empty1.DCT.

If you create another new dictionary with the first one opened it will create Empty2.DCT, and so on. The Save As dialog is automatically opened when you try to close or just save the new dictionary. You must save this dictionary at this time, and you have the opportunity to rename it. If you close DCT without saving it, the DCT will be deleted and is like it never existed.


After either method, above the Dictionary dialog appears. At this time, you can optionally set up the Dictionary Properties as follows.


In the DCT Explorer, press the Dictionary Properties toolbar button located in the DCT Explorer toolbar.


On the Comments tab, type the description in the space provided.

The description is solely for your convenience, and has no effect on the application. It is useful when other programmers take over your project, or for when you return to the project after a long absence.

Your data dictionary file is created. At this point the dictionary is an empty shell. Use the Dictionary dialog to add files, fields, keys, and file relationships.

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