How to Create a New Application File

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The first step in creating a new application is to create an .APP file. The .APP file holds the procedures, data, and other properties you define for your application. Optionally create a new directory for the application; whenever you open the .APP file, Clarion will use the directory in which the .APP file resides as the working directory.


Create a subdirectory for your application, then return to Clarion.


Choose File  New  Solution, Project or Application.


In the New Solution, Project or Application dialog, select the Clarion for Window category and the Application Quick Start.


Type a name for the .APP file in the Name field. Clarion automatically adds the .APP extension.


Verify and modify the Location if needed, Optionally check additional directory options if needed.


Press the Create button.

The Application Properties dialog appears. This dialog allows you to define the essential files for the application.


Name the .DCT file the application will use in the Dictionary File field, or press the ellipsis (...) button to select the file in the Select Dictionary dialog.

See How to Create a Data Dictionary for information on creating your application's data dictionary. The Select Dictionary dialog is a standard Open File dialog.

The Application Generator does not require a data dictionary to generate an application, if you uncheck the Require a dictionary box in the Application Options dialog.


Optionally rename the first procedure from MAIN to another name of your choice.

You can do so by typing another procedure name from the First Procedure field.


Choose the Destination Type from the drop down list.

This defines the type of target file for your application. Choose from Executable (.EXE), Library (.LIB), or Dynamic Link Library (.DLL).


Type a name for the application's .HLP file in the Help File field, or use the ellipsis (...) button to select the file in the Open File dialog.

The Application Generator allows you to name the help topics in your application without determining that the help file exists. You are responsible for creating a .HLP file that contains the context strings and keywords that you optionally enter as HLP attributes for the various controls and dialogs.


Choose the Application Template field, type. You may accept the default ABC template, or press the ellipsis (...) button to select another (third party template set) in the Select Application Type dialog.

The selected application template controls code generation.


Optionally, check the Application Wizard box to use the wizard to create a complete application based on the selected dictionary and a few answers you specify.


Press the OK button.

Clarion creates the .APP file, then displays the Application Tree dialog for your new application.