How to Customize Procedure Templates


Each procedure template can have multiple default procedures. For example, the Window template can have more than one default procedure--each with its own window design, pre-populated controls and/or control templates, and pre-defined local variables.

Default procedures are customized through the Template Registry.

You can also create and modify templates.


Choose Tools  Edit Template Registry.

The Template Registry lists all registered templates.


Highlight the procedure template to customize, then press the Properties button.

The Template Procedure Properties dialog appears.


Press the Defaults button.

The Edit Default Procedures dialog appears with a list of the default procedures. All of the procedure templates in the shipped with this product have one default procedure each.


Press the Add button.


Provide a name for the new default procedure in the New Procedure dialog, then press OK.

A standard Procedure Properties dialog appears.


Edit the procedure as desired, designing a window, adding controls and/or control templates, adding local variables, etc.


Exit by pressing the appropriate OK or Close buttons.

The next time you add a procedure to an application and select the procedure type, you will be prompted to select the default procedure from which to start.