How to Print Labels

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NOTE: Before reading this FAQ, see a new and easier way to design labels using the Label Wizard


Printing labels simply means printing a multi-column report, that is, getting the report rows and columns to match up with the commercial label forms you use.


With a ruler, measure the height and width of the label paper, measure the height and width of the individual labels, and measure any top or left margins on your label paper. Make your measurements in inches.


Create a report of your address file.

Use the Report Wizard if you want, but don't worry about formatting yet. Just make sure the report contains all the address fields you need for your labels.


From the Application Tree, RIGHT-CLICK on your report procedure and choose Report from the popup menu.


Delete all report sections, except the Detail section.


From the IDE Menu, choose View  Properties, and verify that the Report is the selected component in the Properties Pad.


On the General category, choose THOUS in the Units property drop down list.


On the Positions category, set the margins you measured earlier.

The X property represents the left margin in thousandths of inches and the Y property represents the top margin in thousandths of inches. So, if the left margin of your label paper is 1/2 inch, type 500 in the X property. If the margin is zero, type 0 (zero) in the X property. Do the same for the top margin and the Y property.


In the Position category, set the Height and Width property values of the label paper.

In the Width group, verify that the Default property is set to FALSE, and type the paper width in thousandths of inches. Standard letter size paper is 8 1/2 inches, so type 8500. Do the same for the paper Height property. Standard letter size paper is 11 inches, so type 11000.


In the Report Worksheet, arrange your address fields in a vertical format, that is, one field below another near the left margin. Use the Alignment tools for precise alignment.


RIGHT CLICK on the Detail band and choose Properties from the popup menu.


In the Position tab, set the Height and Width properties of the individual labels.

In the Width group, verify that the Default property is set to FALSE, and type the label width in thousandths of inches (eg for a 2 1/2 inch label, type 2500). Do the same for the label height.


Back in the Report Worksheet, readjust the position, size, and font of your address fields if necessary.


In the Report Designer toolbar, click on the Print Preview button to preview your label report.


Save and Close the Report Designer, saving your changes.