How to Sort Reports

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The sort sequence of a report is determined by a KEY or INDEX defined in the Data Dictionary's Field/Key Definition dialog. Keys or indexes are selected for use in this particular report procedure, using the Data / Tables Pad. When you select a sort key for your report, the key will determine the variables on which you define your group breaks.

For example, if you select the CUS:LastNameKey as your key, then your BREAK variables should be among those fields listed as components of the CUS:LastNameKey. You can see the key's component fields in the Data Dictionary's Field/Key Definitions dialog.

To specify the sort sequence for your report:


From the Application Tree dialog, select the report procedure name.


Open the Data / Tables Pad (From the IDE Menu, select View > Data / Tables, or press the F12 key).. Use this pad to tell the Application Generator which files and keys your report procedure will access.


DOUBLE-CLICK the ToDo item for your procedure.

The Select File dialog appears.


Select the file you wish to report from.

You may specify more than one file to report on: a primary file, and secondary files. The secondary files must be related to the primary file by a common field. Adding secondary files to your procedure gives you another logical field to break on: that is, the common field(s) linking the two files.


Press the Edit button, to specify which key is used for this report procedure.

The Change Access Key dialog appears.


DOUBLE-CLICK the key you want for this report.