How to Use the Browse Procedure Wizard

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From the Application Generator tree:



Highlight a ToDo Procedure in the Procedure Tree and press the Enter key. You can also simply press the Insert key, and type a procedure name in the New Procedure dialog.

The Select Procedure dialog appears.


Select BrowseWizard from the list of Procedure templates located in the Wizards tab.

Press the Select button. The Procedure Wizard dialogs appear.

Answer the questions in each dialog, then press the Next button.

On the last dialog, the Finish button is enabled. If you are satisfied with your answers, press the Finish button.

The Procedure Wizard creates the procedure(s) based on the dictionary file and the answers you provided, and then displays the Procedure Properties dialog for your new procedure.

You can control some of the wizard options in the Data Dictionary by specifying Options for Files, Fields, Keys, or relations. See Using Wizard Options for more information.