IDLE (arm periodic procedure)

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IDLE([procedure] [,separation])


Arms a procedure that periodically executes.


The label of a PROCEDURE. The procedure may not take any parameters.


An integer that specifies the minimum wait time (in seconds) between calls to the procedure. A separation of 0 specifies continuous calls. If separation is omitted, the default value is 1 second.

An IDLE procedure is active while ASK or ACCEPT are waiting for user input. Only one IDLE procedure may be active at a time. Naming a new IDLE procedure overrides the previous one. An IDLE statement with no parameters disarms the IDLE process.

The IDLE procedure executes on thread one (1)--the same thread as the APPLICATION frame in an MDI application. Therefore, any WINDOW structure in an IDLE procedure must not have the MDI attribute. Since opening a non-MDI window in the same thread as the APPLICATION frame creates an application modal window, it would be more usual for an IDLE procedure not to have a WINDOW structure at all.

An IDLE procedure is usually prototyped in the PROGRAM's MAP. If prototyped in a MEMBER MAP, the IDLE statements which activate and de-activate it must be contained in a procedure within the same MEMBER module.


IDLE(ShoTime,10)     !Call shotime every 10 seconds

IDLE(CheckNet)       !Check network activity every 1 second

IDLE                 !Disarm idle procedure


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