Init (initialize the ASCIIFileClass object)

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Init( file, field [,filename], error handler )


Initializes the ASCIIFileClass object.


The label of the file to display.


The fully qualified label of the file field to display.


The label of the file's NAME attribute variable. If omitted, the file has a constant NAME attribute. If null (''), the ASCIIFileClass prompts the end user to select a file.

error handler

The label of the ErrorClass object to handle errors encountered by this ASCIIFileClass object.

The Init method initializes the ASCIIFileClass object and returns a value indicating whether it successfully accessed the file and is ready to proceed.


The Init method returns one (1) if it accessed the file and is ready to proceed; it returns zero (0) and calls the Kill method if unable to access the file and cannot proceed.

If the Init method returns zero (0), the ASCIIFileClass object is not initialized and you should not call its methods.

Return Data Type:     BYTE


Filename   STRING(255),THREAD           !declare filename variable

FileActive BYTE                         !declare success/fail switch

AsciiFile  FILE,DRIVER('ASCII'),NAME(Filename),PRE(A1)


Line         STRING(255)



CODE                                      !init ASCIIFileClass object with:

FileActive=ASCIIFile.Init(AsciiFile,    | ! file label

             A1:Line,                   | ! file field to display

             Filename,                  | ! NAME attribute variable

             GlobalErrors)                ! ErrorClass object

IF ~FileActive THEN RETURN.               !If init failed, don't proceed

ACCEPT                                    !If init succeeded, proceed

 IF EVENT() = EVENT:CloseWindow

  IF FileActive THEN ASCIIFile.Kill.      !If init succeeded, shut down


 !program code


See Also:     Kill