Init (initialize the LocatorClass object)

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Init( [control] , freeelement, nocase [,browseclass ] )


Initializes the LocatorClass object.


An integer constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that sets the locator control number for the LocatorClass object. If omitted, the control number defaults to zero (0) indicating there is no locator control.


The fully qualified label of a component of the sort sequence of the searched data set. The ABC Templates further require this to be a free component of a key. A free component is one that is not range limited to a single value. Typically this is also the USE variable of the locator control.


An integer constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that determines whether the LocatorClass object performs case sensitive searches or case insensitive searches.


The label of the BrowseClass object for the locator. If omitted, the LocatorClass object has no direct access to the browse QUEUE or it's underlying VIEW.

The Init method initializes the LocatorClass object.


The Init method sets the values of the Control, FreeElement, NoCase, and ViewManager properties.

A nocase value of zero (0 or False) produces case sensitive searches; a value of one (1 or True) produces case insensitive searches.

By default, only the StepLocatorClass and FilterLocatorClass use the browseclass. The other locator classes do not.


BRW1::Sort1:Locator.Init(,CUST:StateCode,1)         !without locator control

BRW1::Sort2:Locator.Init(?CUST:CustNo,CUST:CustNo,1)!with locator control

See Also:     Control, FreeElement, NoCase, ViewManager