Init (initialize the PopupClass object)

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Init( [INIClass] )


Initializes the PopupClass object.


The label of the INIClass object for this PopupClass object. The Save method uses the INIClass object to save menu definitions to an INI file; the Restore method uses it to restore the saved menu definitions. If omitted, the Save and Restore methods do nothing.

The Init method initializes the PopupClass object.


PopupMgr  PopupClass                   !declare PopupMgr object

INIMgr    INIClass                     !declare INIMgr object


PopupMgr.Init(INIMgr)                 !initialize PopupMgr object

PopupMgr.AddItem('Save Popup','Save') !add menu item: Save

PopupMgr.AddItemMimic('Save',?Save)   !Save item mimics ?Save button

See Also:     Restore, Save