Init (initialize the PrintPreviewClass object)

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Init( image queue ), VIRTUAL


Initializes the PrintPreviewClass object.

image queue

The label of the QUEUE containing the filenames of the report image metafiles. See PREVIEW in the Language Reference for more information on report image metafiles.

The Init method Initializes the PrintPreviewClass object.


The PrintPreviewClass.Init method instantiates a PopupClass object for the PrintPreviewClass object, using the menu text defined in ABREPORT.TRN.

The image queue parameter names a QUEUE with the same structure as the PreviewQueue declared in \ABREPORT.INC as follows:

PreviewQueue      QUEUE,TYPE

Filename            STRING(128)



PrintPreviewQueue  PreviewQueue   !declare report image queue

PrtPrev       PrintPreviewClass   !declare PrtPrev object


PrtPrev.Init(PrintPreviewQueue)  !initialize PrtPrev object

!program code

PrtPrev.Kill                     !shut down PrtPrev object