Init (initialize the RelationManager object)

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Init( filemanager [,uselogout] )


Initializes the RelationManager object.


The label of the FileManager object for the RelationManager's primary file. By definition, the file referenced by this FileManager object is the RelationManager's primary file.


A numeric constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that determines whether cascaded updates or deletes are done within a transaction frame (LOGOUT/COMMIT). A value of zero (0) indicates no transaction framing; a value of one (1) indicates transaction framing. If omitted, logout defaults to zero (0).

The Init method initializes the RelationManager object. To implement the RelationManager's transaction framing, all the files within a transaction must use the same file driver and that file driver must support LOGOUT.


The Init method sets the value of the Me and UseLogout properties.

The ABC Templates set the uselogout parameter based on the Enclose RI code in transaction frame check box in the Global Properties dialog.



INCLUDE('FILE.INC')              !declare RelationManager class


Access:Client CLASS(FileManager) !declare Access:Client class

Init           PROCEDURE



Client     FILE,DRIVER('TOPSPEED'),PRE(CLI),THREAD !declare Client file


Record      RECORD,PRE()

ID           LONG

Name         STRING(20)

StateCode    STRING(2)




 Access:Client.Init                         !initialize Access:Client obj

 Relate:Client.Init(Access:Client,1)        !init Relate:Client--use logout

 Relate:Client.AddRelation( Relate:States ) !relate Client to States file

 !program code

 Relate:Client.Kill                         !shut down Relate:Client object

 Access:Client.Kill                         !shut down Access:Client object

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