Init (initialize the ViewManager object)

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Init( view, primaryrelation [, order ] )


Initializes the ViewManager object.


The label of the managed VIEW.


The label of the RelationManager object for the view's primary file.


A structure containing the sort, range limit, and filter information for the managed VIEW. If omitted, the Init method supplies an empty SortOrder structure that may be set up with AddSortOrder, AppendOrder, SetOrder, AddRange, and SetFilter methods.

The Init method initializes the ViewManager object.


The Init method sets the values of the Order, PagesAhead, PagesBehind, PageSize, Primary, and View properties.

The order parameter allows derived classes, such as the BrowseClass, to add additional sort information to their underlying views.

By passing the Order property from another ViewManager object or the Sort property from a BrowseClass object as the order parameter, you can implement several objects with similar sorts, filters, and range limits.


MyView.Init(OrderView,Relate:Order)   !initialize the ViewManager

MyView.Open                           !open the view

!program code

MyView.Close                          !close the view

MyView.Kill                           !shut down the ViewManager

See Also:     Primary, PagesAhead, PageSize