Insert (placement of new record)

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The Insert property indicates where in the list a new record will be added when the end user inserts a new record. The default placement is below the selected record.


There are three places a new record can be placed in a list when using edit-in-place: above the selected record; below the selected record (the default); or appended to the bottom of the list.


This does not change the sort order. After insertion, the list is resorted and the new record appears in the proper position within the sort sequence.

The specified placements are implemented by the BrowseEIPManager.Init method. Set the record insertion point by assigning, adding, or subtracting the following EQUATEd values to Insert. The following EQUATEs are in ABEdit.INC:


Default  EQUATE(0)

Always   EQUATE(1)

Never    EQUATE(2)

Prompted EQUATE(4)

Save     EQUATE(7)

Remain   EQUATE(8)

Before   EQUATE(9)  ! insert before/above selected record

Append   EQUATE(10) ! insert at the bottom of the list

RetainColumn EQUATE(16)


See Also:     BrowseEIPManager.Init