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Welcome to Learning Clarion!

The Getting Started section briefly introduced you to Clarion programming at its highest level. Learning Clarion now teaches you how you can use all the rest of the tools Clarion provides to create real-world applications. It contains two parts, on two very different levels:


A series of Application Generator lessons, which familiarizes you with all of the tools in the Clarion development environment.


A Clarion Language lesson, which introduces the Clarion programming language and familiarizes you with the type of code generated for you by the development environment.


What You'll Find in this Document:


Application Generator Lessons

Chapters One through Twelve introduces all of the main Clarion development environment tools. It starts at the application planning stage, walks you through creating the data dictionary with the Dictionary Editor, and then walks you through creating a complete application with the Application Generator. By the end of these lessons you’ll have created a complete order-entry application.

You’ll use the Application Generator and work with Procedure, Control, and Code templates to produce an Order Entry application. You’ll work with the Window Designer to design windows. You’ll work with the Report Designer to design reports. You’ll use the Text Editor to embed Clarion language source code into the code generated by the templates.


Clarion Language Lesson

Chapter Thirteen introduces the Clarion programming language at the hand-coding level. It starts at Hello World, then walks you through creating simple forms of the most typical types of procedures used in Clarion applications, all while explaining the functionality of the hand-code you’re writing and relating it to the type of code you’ll see generated for you by the Application Generator.


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