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Welcome to the Clarion Online User’s Guide! This document is a complete reference to the static (non-template) parts of the Clarion development environment, as well as a Getting Started and Learning Clarion Guides.

Once you’ve become familiar with the Clarion development environment, through the various lessons included, you can refer back to the Online User’s Guide for complete in-depth information at any time.

This document describes important aspects of each major component of the development environment from the Data Dictionary Editor to the Debugger; it also includes source code examples and a Debugger lesson. In addition, it includes several topics addressing various concepts and tools that are important to Windows programming and application development in general.

Although to some extent the Online User’s Guide contents tracks the development environment’s user interface, it also suggests a rough, but not mandatory, sequence of tasks with which to approach application development. When you want more information on how to accomplish a specific programming task we recommend using the index to find task-specific information.

Please refer to the main help and associated PDFs for complete information on the templates, and the ABC Library Reference for documentation regarding the Application Builder Class Library. Please refer to the Database Drivers help and PDF for complete information on the database drivers that come with this product. Please refer to the Language Reference help topics and PDF for complete information on Clarion language syntax and related examples. And don’t forget to make liberal use of the rest of the extensive on-line help topics.


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