Invoice Manager

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The Order-Entry & Invoice Manager is designed to let you keep track of your customers, products, and customer orders. You can print invoices for each order, mailing labels, customer lists, and product lists.

Some features of the Order-Entry & Invoice Manager include:

 Save default company information that may be reused for printing Invoices.

 A view of customers orders in expanding tree form. Important information on all customer orders is displayed at different levels of the tree, and you may update records at each level of the tree.

 View and update customer information quickly. A selected customer's orders can be viewed quickly for accuracy before printing Invoices.

 Easy access to Orders from a button on the customers list. All information for an order is displayed on this window. You can also print Invoice from this window.

 View and update product information easily. Pictures of products are displayed when updating product information.

 Remembers the size and position of the various windows and forms from session to session, so you only need to arrange them once.