Justify Dialog


This dialog allows you to specify a new justification style for the currently selected field. This reformats the way the data displays on screen.

Choose the style from the drop down list. Depending upon the field selected, you may choose from Left, Center, Right and Decimal. This does not alter the data in any way, only the manner in which it is displayed.

KeepVisible (keep progress window visible)

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The KeepVisible property controls whether the ReportManager closes the progress window before or after the Print Preview window is displayed. A value of one (1 or True) delays the close until after the Print Preview window is closed; a value of zero (0 or False) closes the window prior to the Print Preview window open.

The KeepVisible property gives you an opportunity to leave the progress window open and viewable with the Print Preview. Useful if you have results that you would like to display on the progress window.


The TakeCloseEvent method implements the behavior specified by the KeepVisible property.

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