Using this Guide

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For maximum benefit, this User’s Guide should be viewed "online". Online in this context means viewing this document with the Clarion Environment (IDE) loaded. For this reason, screen shots in this document are basically limited only to the lesson sections.

There are example data files, dictionaries, and applications used throughout this document. Unless otherwise stated, these files can be found in the \Lessons folder installed from the root install folder (By default, C:\CLARION7).

At some point in the document, references and links will be made to the IDE’s main Help file. You will be able to view all topics from there, and even navigate to additional topics if you wish.


Conventions Used in this Help Document

Paragraph text marked in BOLD indicate an IDE button or prompt text.


Paragraph text marked in ITALICS indicate the title of an IDE dialog window, or information that you need to enter in a specific lesson step.


This font indicates a source code example.


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