Keycode Equates List

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Keycode equate labels assign mnemonic labels to Clarion keycodes. The keycode equates file (KEYCODES.CLW) is a Clarion source file which contains an EQUATE statement for each keycode. This file is located in the install \LIBSRC directory.

It may be merged into a source PROGRAM by placing the following statement in the global data section:




This file contains EQUATE statements for most of the keycodes supported by Windows. These keycode EQUATEs are used for greater code readability wherever you need to set or compare keyboard input.


Key0 EQUATE(0030H) !0 Key

Key1 EQUATE(0031H) !1 Key

Key2 EQUATE(0032H) !2 Key

Key3 EQUATE(0033H) !3 Key

Key4 EQUATE(0034H) !4 Key

Key5 EQUATE(0035H) !5 Key

Key6 EQUATE(0036H) !6 Key

Key7 EQUATE(0037H) !7 Key

Key8 EQUATE(0038H) !8 Key

Key9 EQUATE(0039H) !9 Key


AKey EQUATE(0041H) !A Key

BKey EQUATE(0042H) !B Key

CKey EQUATE(0043H) !C Key

DKey EQUATE(0044H) !D Key

EKey EQUATE(0045H) !E Key

FKey EQUATE(0046H) !F Key

GKey EQUATE(0047H) !G Key

HKey EQUATE(0048H) !H Key

IKey EQUATE(0049H) !I Key

JKey EQUATE(004AH) !J Key

KKey EQUATE(004BH) !K Key

LKey EQUATE(004CH) !L Key

MKey EQUATE(004DH) !M Key

NKey EQUATE(004EH) !N Key

OKey EQUATE(004FH) !O Key

PKey EQUATE(0050H) !P Key

QKey EQUATE(0051H) !Q Key

RKey EQUATE(0052H) !R Key

SKey EQUATE(0053H) !S Key

TKey EQUATE(0054H) !T Key

UKey EQUATE(0055H) !U Key

VKey EQUATE(0056H) !V Key

WKey EQUATE(0057H) !W Key

XKey EQUATE(0058H) !X Key

YKey EQUATE(0059H) !Y Key

ZKey EQUATE(005AH) !Z Key


F1Key EQUATE(0070H) !F1 Key

F2Key EQUATE(0071H) !F2 Key

F3Key EQUATE(0072H) !F3 Key

F4Key EQUATE(0073H) !F4 Key

F5Key EQUATE(0074H) !F5 Key

F6Key EQUATE(0075H) !F6 Key

F7Key EQUATE(0076H) !F7 Key

F8Key EQUATE(0077H) !F8 Key

F9Key EQUATE(0078H) !F9 Key

F10Key EQUATE(0079H) !F10 Key

F11Key EQUATE(007AH) !F11 Key

F12Key EQUATE(007BH) !F12 Key


AstKey EQUATE(006AH) !Asterisk Key

BSKey EQUATE(0008H) !Backspace Key

CapsLockKey EQUATE(0014H) !CapsLock Key

DecimalKey EQUATE(006EH) !Decimal Key

DeleteKey EQUATE(002EH) !Delete Key

DownKey EQUATE(0028H) !Cursor Down Key

EndKey EQUATE(0023H) !End Key

EnterKey EQUATE(000DH) !Enter Key

EscKey EQUATE(001BH) !Esc Key

HomeKey EQUATE(0024H) !Home Key

InsertKey EQUATE(002DH) !Insert Key

LeftKey EQUATE(0025H) !Cursor Left Key

MinusKey EQUATE(006DH) !Minus Key

PauseKey EQUATE(0013H) !Pause Key

PgDnKey EQUATE(0022H) !PgDn Key

PgUpKey EQUATE(0021H) !PgUp Key

PlusKey EQUATE(006BH) !Plus Key

PrintKey EQUATE(002CH) !PrintScreen Key

RightKey EQUATE(0027H) !Cursor Right Key

SlashKey EQUATE(006FH) !Slash Key

SpaceKey EQUATE(0020H) !Spacebar

TabKey EQUATE(0009H) !Tab Key

UpKey EQUATE(0026H) !Cursor Up Key


KeyPad0 EQUATE(0060H) !0 on numeric keypad

KeyPad1 EQUATE(0061H) !1 on numeric keypad

KeyPad2 EQUATE(0062H) !2 on numeric keypad

KeyPad3 EQUATE(0063H) !3 on numeric keypad

KeyPad4 EQUATE(0064H) !4 on numeric keypad

KeyPad5 EQUATE(0065H) !5 on numeric keypad

KeyPad6 EQUATE(0066H) !6 on numeric keypad

KeyPad7 EQUATE(0067H) !7 on numeric keypad

KeyPad8 EQUATE(0068H) !8 on numeric keypad

KeyPad9 EQUATE(0069H) !9 on numeric keypad


MouseLeft EQUATE(0001H) !Left mouse button

MouseRight EQUATE(0002H) !Right mouse button

MouseCenter EQUATE(0003H) !Middle mouse button

MouseLeft2 EQUATE(0005H) !Left mouse double-click

MouseRight2 EQUATE(0006H) !Right mouse double-click

MouseCenter2 EQUATE(0007H) !Middle mouse double-click

MouseLeftUp EQUATE(0081H) !Left mouse button release

MouseRightUp EQUATE(0082H) !Right mouse button release

MouseCenterUp EQUATE(0083H) !Middle mouse button release


Alt0 EQUATE(0430H) !Alt-0 Key

Alt1 EQUATE(0431H) !Alt-1 Key

Alt2 EQUATE(0432H) !Alt-2 Key

Alt3 EQUATE(0433H) !Alt-3 Key

Alt4 EQUATE(0434H) !Alt-4 Key

Alt5 EQUATE(0435H) !Alt-5 Key

Alt6 EQUATE(0436H) !Alt-6 Key

Alt7 EQUATE(0437H) !Alt-7 Key

Alt8 EQUATE(0438H) !Alt-8 Key

Alt9 EQUATE(0439H) !Alt-9 Key


AltA EQUATE(0441H) !Alt-A Key

AltB EQUATE(0442H) !Alt-B Key

AltC EQUATE(0443H) !Alt-C Key

AltD EQUATE(0444H) !Alt-D Key

AltE EQUATE(0445H) !Alt-E Key

AltF EQUATE(0446H) !Alt-F Key

AltG EQUATE(0447H) !Alt-G Key

AltH EQUATE(0448H) !Alt-H Key

AltI EQUATE(0449H) !Alt-I Key

AltJ EQUATE(044AH) !Alt-J Key

AltK EQUATE(044BH) !Alt-K Key

AltL EQUATE(044CH) !Alt-L Key

AltM EQUATE(044DH) !Alt-M Key

AltN EQUATE(044EH) !Alt-N Key

AltO EQUATE(044FH) !Alt-O Key

AltP EQUATE(0450H) !Alt-P Key

AltQ EQUATE(0451H) !Alt-Q Key

AltR EQUATE(0452H) !Alt-R Key

AltS EQUATE(0453H) !Alt-S Key

AltT EQUATE(0454H) !Alt-T Key

AltU EQUATE(0455H) !Alt-U Key

AltV EQUATE(0456H) !Alt-V Key

AltW EQUATE(0457H) !Alt-W Key

AltX EQUATE(0458H) !Alt-X Key

AltY EQUATE(0459H) !Alt-Y Key

AltZ EQUATE(045AH) !Alt-Z Key


AltF1 EQUATE(0470H) !Alt-F1 Key

AltF2 EQUATE(0471H) !Alt-F2 Key

AltF3 EQUATE(0472H) !Alt-F3 Key

AltF4 EQUATE(0473H) !Alt-F4 Key

AltF5 EQUATE(0474H) !Alt-F5 Key

AltF6 EQUATE(0475H) !Alt-F6 Key

AltF7 EQUATE(0476H) !Alt-F7 Key

AltF8 EQUATE(0477H) !Alt-F8 Key

AltF9 EQUATE(0478H) !Alt-F9 Key

AltF10 EQUATE(0479H) !Alt-F10 Key

AltF11 EQUATE(047AH) !Alt-F11 Key

AltF12 EQUATE(047BH) !Alt-F12 Key


AltAst EQUATE(046AH) !Alt-Asterisk Key

AltBS EQUATE(0408H) !Alt-Backspace Key

AltDecimal EQUATE(046EH) !Alt-Decimal Key

AltDelete EQUATE(042EH) !Alt-Delete Key

AltDown EQUATE(0428H) !Alt-Cursor Down Key

AltEnd EQUATE(0423H) !Alt-End Key

AltEnter EQUATE(040DH) !Alt-Enter Key

AltEsc EQUATE(041BH) !Alt-Esc Key

AltHome EQUATE(0424H) !Alt-Home Key

AltInsert EQUATE(042DH) !Alt-Insert Key

AltLeft EQUATE(0425H) !Alt-Cursor Left Key

AltMinus EQUATE(046DH) !Alt-Minus Key

AltPause EQUATE(0413H) !Alt-Pause Key

AltPgDn EQUATE(0422H) !Alt-PgDn Key

AltPgUp EQUATE(0421H) !Alt-PgUp Key

AltPlus EQUATE(046BH) !Alt-Plus Key

AltPrint EQUATE(042CH) !Alt-PrintScreen Key

AltRight EQUATE(0427H) !Alt-Cursor Right Key

AltSlash EQUATE(046FH) !Alt-Slash Key

AltSpace EQUATE(0420H) !Alt-Spacebar

AltTab EQUATE(0409H) !Alt-Tab Key

AltUp EQUATE(0426H) !Alt-Cursor Up Key


AltPad0 EQUATE(0460H) !Alt-0 on numeric keypad

AltPad1 EQUATE(0461H) !Alt-1 on numeric keypad

AltPad2 EQUATE(0462H) !Alt-2 on numeric keypad

AltPad3 EQUATE(0463H) !Alt-3 on numeric keypad

AltPad4 EQUATE(0464H) !Alt-4 on numeric keypad

AltPad5 EQUATE(0465H) !Alt-5 on numeric keypad

AltPad6 EQUATE(0466H) !Alt-6 on numeric keypad

AltPad7 EQUATE(0467H) !Alt-7 on numeric keypad

AltPad8 EQUATE(0468H) !Alt-8 on numeric keypad

AltPad9 EQUATE(0469H) !Alt-9 on numeric keypad


AltMouseLeft EQUATE(0401H) !Alt-Left mouse button

AltMouseRight EQUATE(0402H) !Alt-Right mouse button

AltMouseCenter EQUATE(0403H) !Alt-Middle mouse button

AltMouseLeft2 EQUATE(0405H) !Alt-Left mouse double-click

AltMouseRight2 EQUATE(0406H) !Alt-Right mouse double-click

AltMouseCenter2 EQUATE(0407H) !Alt-Middle mouse double-click


Ctrl0 EQUATE(0230H) !Ctrl-0 Key

Ctrl1 EQUATE(0231H) !Ctrl-1 Key

Ctrl2 EQUATE(0232H) !Ctrl-2 Key

Ctrl3 EQUATE(0233H) !Ctrl-3 Key

Ctrl4 EQUATE(0234H) !Ctrl-4 Key

Ctrl5 EQUATE(0235H) !Ctrl-5 Key

Ctrl6 EQUATE(0236H) !Ctrl-6 Key

Ctrl7 EQUATE(0237H) !Ctrl-7 Key

Ctrl8 EQUATE(0238H) !Ctrl-8 Key

Ctrl9 EQUATE(0239H) !Ctrl-9 Key


CtrlA EQUATE(0241H) !Ctrl-A Key

CtrlB EQUATE(0242H) !Ctrl-B Key

CtrlC EQUATE(0243H) !Ctrl-C Key

CtrlD EQUATE(0244H) !Ctrl-D Key

CtrlE EQUATE(0245H) !Ctrl-E Key

CtrlF EQUATE(0246H) !Ctrl-F Key

CtrlG EQUATE(0247H) !Ctrl-G Key

CtrlH EQUATE(0248H) !Ctrl-H Key

CtrlI EQUATE(0249H) !Ctrl-I Key

CtrlJ EQUATE(024AH) !Ctrl-J Key

CtrlK EQUATE(024BH) !Ctrl-K Key

CtrlL EQUATE(024CH) !Ctrl-L Key

CtrlM EQUATE(024DH) !Ctrl-M Key

CtrlN EQUATE(024EH) !Ctrl-N Key

CtrlO EQUATE(024FH) !Ctrl-O Key

CtrlP EQUATE(0250H) !Ctrl-P Key

CtrlQ EQUATE(0251H) !Ctrl-Q Key

CtrlR EQUATE(0252H) !Ctrl-R Key

CtrlS EQUATE(0253H) !Ctrl-S Key

CtrlT EQUATE(0254H) !Ctrl-T Key

CtrlU EQUATE(0255H) !Ctrl-U Key

CtrlV EQUATE(0256H) !Ctrl-V Key

CtrlW EQUATE(0257H) !Ctrl-W Key

CtrlX EQUATE(0258H) !Ctrl-X Key

CtrlY EQUATE(0259H) !Ctrl-Y Key

CtrlZ EQUATE(025AH) !Ctrl-Z Key


CtrlF1 EQUATE(0270H) !Ctrl-F1 Key

CtrlF2 EQUATE(0271H) !Ctrl-F2 Key

CtrlF3 EQUATE(0272H) !Ctrl-F3 Key

CtrlF4 EQUATE(0273H) !Ctrl-F4 Key

CtrlF5 EQUATE(0274H) !Ctrl-F5 Key

CtrlF6 EQUATE(0275H) !Ctrl-F6 Key

CtrlF7 EQUATE(0276H) !Ctrl-F7 Key

CtrlF8 EQUATE(0277H) !Ctrl-F8 Key

CtrlF9 EQUATE(0278H) !Ctrl-F9 Key

CtrlF10 EQUATE(0279H) !Ctrl-F10 Key

CtrlF11 EQUATE(027AH) !Ctrl-F11 Key

CtrlF12 EQUATE(027BH) !Ctrl-F12 Key


CtrlAst EQUATE(026AH) !Ctrl-Asterisk Key

CtrlBS EQUATE(0208H) !Ctrl-Backspace Key

CtrlDecimal EQUATE(026EH) !Ctrl-Decimal Key

CtrlDelete EQUATE(022EH) !Ctrl-Delete Key

CtrlDown EQUATE(0228H) !Ctrl-Cursor Down Key

CtrlEnd EQUATE(0223H) !Ctrl-End Key

CtrlEnter EQUATE(020DH) !Ctrl-Enter Key

CtrlEsc EQUATE(021BH) !Ctrl-Esc Key

CtrlHome EQUATE(0224H) !Ctrl-Home Key

CtrlInsert EQUATE(022DH) !Ctrl-Insert Key

CtrlLeft EQUATE(0225H) !Ctrl-Cursor Left Key

CtrlMinus EQUATE(026DH) !Ctrl-Minus Key

CtrlPause EQUATE(0213H) !Ctrl-Pause Key

CtrlPgDn EQUATE(0222H) !Ctrl-PgDn Key

CtrlPgUp EQUATE(0221H) !Ctrl-PgUp Key

CtrlPlus EQUATE(026BH) !Ctrl-Plus Key

CtrlPrint EQUATE(022CH) !Ctrl-PrintScreen Key

CtrlRight EQUATE(0227H) !Ctrl-Cursor Right Key

CtrlSlash EQUATE(026FH) !Ctrl-Slash Key

CtrlSpace EQUATE(0220H) !Ctrl-Spacebar

CtrlTab EQUATE(0209H) !Ctrl-Tab Key

CtrlUp EQUATE(0226H) !Ctrl-Cursor Up Key


CtrlPad0 EQUATE(0260H) !Ctrl-0 on numeric keypad

CtrlPad1 EQUATE(0261H) !Ctrl-1 on numeric keypad

CtrlPad2 EQUATE(0262H) !Ctrl-2 on numeric keypad

CtrlPad3 EQUATE(0263H) !Ctrl-3 on numeric keypad

CtrlPad4 EQUATE(0264H) !Ctrl-4 on numeric keypad

CtrlPad5 EQUATE(0265H) !Ctrl-5 on numeric keypad

CtrlPad6 EQUATE(0266H) !Ctrl-6 on numeric keypad

CtrlPad7 EQUATE(0267H) !Ctrl-7 on numeric keypad

CtrlPad8 EQUATE(0268H) !Ctrl-8 on numeric keypad

CtrlPad9 EQUATE(0269H) !Ctrl-9 on numeric keypad


CtrlMouseLeft EQUATE(0201H) !Ctrl-Left mouse button

CtrlMouseRight EQUATE(0202H) !Ctrl-Right mouse button

CtrlMouseCenter EQUATE(0203H) !Ctrl-Middle mouse button

CtrlMouseLeft2 EQUATE(0205H) !Ctrl-Left mouse double-click

CtrlMouseRight2 EQUATE(0206H) !Ctrl-Right mouse double-click

CtrlMouseCenter2 EQUATE(0207H) !Ctrl-Middle mouse double-click


Shift0 EQUATE(0130H) !Shift-0 Key

Shift1 EQUATE(0131H) !Shift-1 Key

Shift2 EQUATE(0132H) !Shift-2 Key

Shift3 EQUATE(0133H) !Shift-3 Key

Shift4 EQUATE(0134H) !Shift-4 Key

Shift5 EQUATE(0135H) !Shift-5 Key

Shift6 EQUATE(0136H) !Shift-6 Key

Shift7 EQUATE(0137H) !Shift-7 Key

Shift8 EQUATE(0138H) !Shift-8 Key

Shift9 EQUATE(0139H) !Shift-9 Key


ShiftA EQUATE(0141H) !Shift-A Key

ShiftB EQUATE(0142H) !Shift-B Key

ShiftC EQUATE(0143H) !Shift-C Key

ShiftD EQUATE(0144H) !Shift-D Key

ShiftE EQUATE(0145H) !Shift-E Key

ShiftF EQUATE(0146H) !Shift-F Key

ShiftG EQUATE(0147H) !Shift-G Key

ShiftH EQUATE(0148H) !Shift-H Key

ShiftI EQUATE(0149H) !Shift-I Key

ShiftJ EQUATE(014AH) !Shift-J Key

ShiftK EQUATE(014BH) !Shift-K Key

ShiftL EQUATE(014CH) !Shift-L Key

ShiftM EQUATE(014DH) !Shift-M Key

ShiftN EQUATE(014EH) !Shift-N Key

ShiftO EQUATE(014FH) !Shift-O Key

ShiftP EQUATE(0150H) !Shift-P Key

ShiftQ EQUATE(0151H) !Shift-Q Key

ShiftR EQUATE(0152H) !Shift-R Key

ShiftS EQUATE(0153H) !Shift-S Key

ShiftT EQUATE(0154H) !Shift-T Key

ShiftU EQUATE(0155H) !Shift-U Key

ShiftV EQUATE(0156H) !Shift-V Key

ShiftW EQUATE(0157H) !Shift-W Key

ShiftX EQUATE(0158H) !Shift-X Key

ShiftY EQUATE(0159H) !Shift-Y Key

ShiftZ EQUATE(015AH) !Shift-Z Key


ShiftF1 EQUATE(0170H) !Shift-F1 Key

ShiftF2 EQUATE(0171H) !Shift-F2 Key

ShiftF3 EQUATE(0172H) !Shift-F3 Key

ShiftF4 EQUATE(0173H) !Shift-F4 Key

ShiftF5 EQUATE(0174H) !Shift-F5 Key

ShiftF6 EQUATE(0175H) !Shift-F6 Key

ShiftF7 EQUATE(0176H) !Shift-F7 Key

ShiftF8 EQUATE(0177H) !Shift-F8 Key

ShiftF9 EQUATE(0178H) !Shift-F9 Key

ShiftF10 EQUATE(0179H) !Shift-F10 Key

ShiftF11 EQUATE(017AH) !Shift-F11 Key

ShiftF12 EQUATE(017BH) !Shift-F12 Key


ShiftAst EQUATE(016AH) !Shift-Asterisk Key

ShiftBS EQUATE(0108H) !Shift-Backspace Key

ShiftDecimal EQUATE(016EH) !Shift-Decimal Key

ShiftDelete EQUATE(012EH) !Shift-Delete Key

ShiftDown EQUATE(0128H) !Shift-Cursor Down Key

ShiftEnd EQUATE(0123H) !Shift-End Key

ShiftEnter EQUATE(010DH) !Shift-Enter Key

ShiftEsc EQUATE(011BH) !Shift-Esc Key

ShiftHome EQUATE(0124H) !Shift-Home Key

ShiftInsert EQUATE(012DH) !Shift-Insert Key

ShiftLeft EQUATE(0125H) !Shift-Cursor Left Key

ShiftMinus EQUATE(016DH) !Shift-Minus Key

ShiftPause EQUATE(0113H) !Shift-Pause Key

ShiftPgDn EQUATE(0122H) !Shift-PgDn Key

ShiftPgUp EQUATE(0121H) !Shift-PgUp Key

ShiftPlus EQUATE(016BH) !Shift-Plus Key

ShiftPrint EQUATE(012CH) !Shift-PrintScreen Key

ShiftRight EQUATE(0127H) !Shift-Cursor Right Key

ShiftSlash EQUATE(016FH) !Shift-Slash Key

ShiftSpace EQUATE(0120H) !Shift-Spacebar

ShiftTab EQUATE(0109H) !Shift-Tab Key

ShiftUp EQUATE(0126H) !Shift-Cursor Up Key


ShiftPad0 EQUATE(0160H) !Shift-0 on numeric keypad

ShiftPad1 EQUATE(0161H) !Shift-1 on numeric keypad

ShiftPad2 EQUATE(0162H) !Shift-2 on numeric keypad

ShiftPad3 EQUATE(0163H) !Shift-3 on numeric keypad

ShiftPad4 EQUATE(0164H) !Shift-4 on numeric keypad

ShiftPad5 EQUATE(0165H) !Shift-5 on numeric keypad

ShiftPad6 EQUATE(0166H) !Shift-6 on numeric keypad

ShiftPad7 EQUATE(0167H) !Shift-7 on numeric keypad

ShiftPad8 EQUATE(0168H) !Shift-8 on numeric keypad

ShiftPad9 EQUATE(0169H) !Shift-9 on numeric keypad



ShiftMouseLeft EQUATE(0101H) !Shift-Left mouse button

ShiftMouseRight EQUATE(0102H) !Shift-Right mouse button

ShiftMouseCenter EQUATE(0103H) !Shift-Middle mouse button

ShiftMouseLeft2 EQUATE(0105H) !Shift-Left mouse double-click

ShiftMouseRight2 EQUATE(0106H) !Shift-Right mouse double-click

ShiftMouseCenter2 EQUATE(0107H) !Shift-Middle mouse double-click


AltShift0 EQUATE(0530H) !Alt-Shift-0 Key

AltShift1 EQUATE(0531H) !Alt-Shift-1 Key

AltShift2 EQUATE(0532H) !Alt-Shift-2 Key

AltShift3 EQUATE(0533H) !Alt-Shift-3 Key

AltShift4 EQUATE(0534H) !Alt-Shift-4 Key

AltShift5 EQUATE(0535H) !Alt-Shift-5 Key

AltShift6 EQUATE(0536H) !Alt-Shift-6 Key

AltShift7 EQUATE(0537H) !Alt-Shift-7 Key

AltShift8 EQUATE(0538H) !Alt-Shift-8 Key

AltShift9 EQUATE(0539H) !Alt-Shift-9 Key


AltShiftA EQUATE(0541H) !Alt-Shift-A Key

AltShiftB EQUATE(0542H) !Alt-Shift-B Key

AltShiftC EQUATE(0543H) !Alt-Shift-C Key

AltShiftD EQUATE(0544H) !Alt-Shift-D Key

AltShiftE EQUATE(0545H) !Alt-Shift-E Key

AltShiftF EQUATE(0546H) !Alt-Shift-F Key

AltShiftG EQUATE(0547H) !Alt-Shift-G Key

AltShiftH EQUATE(0548H) !Alt-Shift-H Key

AltShiftI EQUATE(0549H) !Alt-Shift-I Key

AltShiftJ EQUATE(054AH) !Alt-Shift-J Key

AltShiftK EQUATE(054BH) !Alt-Shift-K Key

AltShiftL EQUATE(054CH) !Alt-Shift-L Key

AltShiftM EQUATE(054DH) !Alt-Shift-M Key

AltShiftN EQUATE(054EH) !Alt-Shift-N Key

AltShiftO EQUATE(054FH) !Alt-Shift-O Key

AltShiftP EQUATE(0550H) !Alt-Shift-P Key

AltShiftQ EQUATE(0551H) !Alt-Shift-Q Key

AltShiftR EQUATE(0552H) !Alt-Shift-R Key

AltShiftS EQUATE(0553H) !Alt-Shift-S Key

AltShiftT EQUATE(0554H) !Alt-Shift-T Key

AltShiftU EQUATE(0555H) !Alt-Shift-U Key

AltShiftV EQUATE(0556H) !Alt-Shift-V Key

AltShiftW EQUATE(0557H) !Alt-Shift-W Key

AltShiftX EQUATE(0558H) !Alt-Shift-X Key

AltShiftY EQUATE(0559H) !Alt-Shift-Y Key

AltShiftZ EQUATE(055AH) !Alt-Shift-Z Key


AltShiftF1 EQUATE(0570H) !Alt-Shift-F1 Key

AltShiftF2 EQUATE(0571H) !Alt-Shift-F2 Key

AltShiftF3 EQUATE(0572H) !Alt-Shift-F3 Key

AltShiftF4 EQUATE(0573H) !Alt-Shift-F4 Key

AltShiftF5 EQUATE(0574H) !Alt-Shift-F5 Key

AltShiftF6 EQUATE(0575H) !Alt-Shift-F6 Key

AltShiftF7 EQUATE(0576H) !Alt-Shift-F7 Key

AltShiftF8 EQUATE(0577H) !Alt-Shift-F8 Key

AltShiftF9 EQUATE(0578H) !Alt-Shift-F9 Key

AltShiftF10 EQUATE(0579H) !Alt-Shift-F10 Key

AltShiftF11 EQUATE(057AH) !Alt-Shift-F11 Key

AltShiftF12 EQUATE(057BH) !Alt-Shift-F12 Key


AltShiftAst EQUATE(056AH) !Alt-Shift-Asterisk Key

AltShiftBS EQUATE(0508H) !Alt-Shift-Backspace Key

AltShiftDecimal EQUATE(056EH) !Alt-Shift-Decimal Key

AltShiftDelete EQUATE(052EH) !Alt-Shift-Delete Key

AltShiftDown EQUATE(0528H) !Alt-Shift-Cursor Down Key

AltShiftEnd EQUATE(0523H) !Alt-Shift-End Key

AltShiftEnter EQUATE(050DH) !Alt-Shift-Enter Key

AltShiftEsc EQUATE(051BH) !Alt-Shift-Esc Key

AltShiftHome EQUATE(0524H) !Alt-Shift-Home Key

AltShiftInsert EQUATE(052DH) !Alt-Shift-Insert Key

AltShiftLeft EQUATE(0525H) !Alt-Shift-Cursor Left Key

AltShiftMinus EQUATE(056DH) !Alt-Shift-Minus Key

AltShiftPause EQUATE(0513H) !Alt-Shift-Pause Key

AltShiftPgDn EQUATE(0522H) !Alt-Shift-PgDn Key

AltShiftPgUp EQUATE(0521H) !Alt-Shift-PgUp Key

AltShiftPlus EQUATE(056BH) !Alt-Shift-Plus Key

AltShiftPrint EQUATE(052CH) !Alt-Shift-PrintScreen Key

AltShiftRight EQUATE(0527H) !Alt-Shift-Cursor Right Key

AltShiftSlash EQUATE(056FH) !Alt-Shift-Slash Key

AltShiftSpace EQUATE(0520H) !Alt-Shift-Spacebar

AltShiftTab EQUATE(0509H) !Alt-Shift-Tab Key

AltShiftUp EQUATE(0526H) !Alt-Shift-Cursor Up Key


AltShiftPad0 EQUATE(0560H) !Alt-Shift-0 on numeric keypad

AltShiftPad1 EQUATE(0561H) !Alt-Shift-1 on numeric keypad

AltShiftPad2 EQUATE(0562H) !Alt-Shift-2 on numeric keypad

AltShiftPad3 EQUATE(0563H) !Alt-Shift-3 on numeric keypad

AltShiftPad4 EQUATE(0564H) !Alt-Shift-4 on numeric keypad

AltShiftPad5 EQUATE(0565H) !Alt-Shift-5 on numeric keypad

AltShiftPad6 EQUATE(0566H) !Alt-Shift-6 on numeric keypad

AltShiftPad7 EQUATE(0567H) !Alt-Shift-7 on numeric keypad

AltShiftPad8 EQUATE(0568H) !Alt-Shift-8 on numeric keypad

AltShiftPad9 EQUATE(0569H) !Alt-Shift-9 on numeric keypad



AltShiftMouseLeft EQUATE(0501H) !Alt-Shift-Left mouse button

AltShiftMouseRight EQUATE(0502H) !Alt-Shift-Right mouse button

AltShiftMouseCenter EQUATE(0503H) !Alt-Shift-Middle mouse button

AltShiftMouseLeft2 EQUATE(0505H) !Alt-Shift-Left mouse double-click

AltShiftMouseRight2 EQUATE(0506H) !Alt-Shift-Right mouse double-click

AltShiftMouseCenter2 EQUATE(0507H) !Alt-Shift-Middle mouse double-click


CtrlShift0 EQUATE(0330H) !Ctrl-Shift-0 Key

CtrlShift1 EQUATE(0331H) !Ctrl-Shift-1 Key

CtrlShift2 EQUATE(0332H) !Ctrl-Shift-2 Key

CtrlShift3 EQUATE(0333H) !Ctrl-Shift-3 Key

CtrlShift4 EQUATE(0334H) !Ctrl-Shift-4 Key

CtrlShift5 EQUATE(0335H) !Ctrl-Shift-5 Key

CtrlShift6 EQUATE(0336H) !Ctrl-Shift-6 Key

CtrlShift7 EQUATE(0337H) !Ctrl-Shift-7 Key

CtrlShift8 EQUATE(0338H) !Ctrl-Shift-8 Key

CtrlShift9 EQUATE(0339H) !Ctrl-Shift-9 Key


CtrlShiftA EQUATE(0341H) !Ctrl-Shift-A Key

CtrlShiftB EQUATE(0342H) !Ctrl-Shift-B Key

CtrlShiftC EQUATE(0343H) !Ctrl-Shift-C Key

CtrlShiftD EQUATE(0344H) !Ctrl-Shift-D Key

CtrlShiftE EQUATE(0345H) !Ctrl-Shift-E Key

CtrlShiftF EQUATE(0346H) !Ctrl-Shift-F Key

CtrlShiftG EQUATE(0347H) !Ctrl-Shift-G Key

CtrlShiftH EQUATE(0348H) !Ctrl-Shift-H Key

CtrlShiftI EQUATE(0349H) !Ctrl-Shift-I Key

CtrlShiftJ EQUATE(034AH) !Ctrl-Shift-J Key

CtrlShiftK EQUATE(034BH) !Ctrl-Shift-K Key

CtrlShiftL EQUATE(034CH) !Ctrl-Shift-L Key

CtrlShiftM EQUATE(034DH) !Ctrl-Shift-M Key

CtrlShiftN EQUATE(034EH) !Ctrl-Shift-N Key

CtrlShiftO EQUATE(034FH) !Ctrl-Shift-O Key

CtrlShiftP EQUATE(0350H) !Ctrl-Shift-P Key

CtrlShiftQ EQUATE(0351H) !Ctrl-Shift-Q Key

CtrlShiftR EQUATE(0352H) !Ctrl-Shift-R Key

CtrlShiftS EQUATE(0353H) !Ctrl-Shift-S Key

CtrlShiftT EQUATE(0354H) !Ctrl-Shift-T Key

CtrlShiftU EQUATE(0355H) !Ctrl-Shift-U Key

CtrlShiftV EQUATE(0356H) !Ctrl-Shift-V Key

CtrlShiftW EQUATE(0357H) !Ctrl-Shift-W Key

CtrlShiftX EQUATE(0358H) !Ctrl-Shift-X Key

CtrlShiftY EQUATE(0359H) !Ctrl-Shift-Y Key

CtrlShiftZ EQUATE(035AH) !Ctrl-Shift-Z Key


CtrlShiftF1 EQUATE(0370H) !Ctrl-Shift-F1 Key

CtrlShiftF2 EQUATE(0371H) !Ctrl-Shift-F2 Key

CtrlShiftF3 EQUATE(0372H) !Ctrl-Shift-F3 Key

CtrlShiftF4 EQUATE(0373H) !Ctrl-Shift-F4 Key

CtrlShiftF5 EQUATE(0374H) !Ctrl-Shift-F5 Key

CtrlShiftF6 EQUATE(0375H) !Ctrl-Shift-F6 Key

CtrlShiftF7 EQUATE(0376H) !Ctrl-Shift-F7 Key

CtrlShiftF8 EQUATE(0377H) !Ctrl-Shift-F8 Key

CtrlShiftF9 EQUATE(0378H) !Ctrl-Shift-F9 Key

CtrlShiftF10 EQUATE(0379H) !Ctrl-Shift-F10 Key

CtrlShiftF11 EQUATE(037AH) !Ctrl-Shift-F11 Key

CtrlShiftF12 EQUATE(037BH) !Ctrl-Shift-F12 Key


CtrlShiftAst EQUATE(036AH) !Ctrl-Shift-Asterisk Key

CtrlShiftBS EQUATE(0308H) !Ctrl-Shift-Backspace Key

CtrlShiftDecimal EQUATE(036EH) !Ctrl-Shift-Decimal Key

CtrlShiftDelete EQUATE(032EH) !Ctrl-Shift-Delete Key

CtrlShiftDown EQUATE(0328H) !Ctrl-Shift-Cursor Down Key

CtrlShiftEnd EQUATE(0323H) !Ctrl-Shift-End Key

CtrlShiftEnter EQUATE(030DH) !Ctrl-Shift-Enter Key

CtrlShiftEsc EQUATE(031BH) !Ctrl-Shift-Esc Key

CtrlShiftHome EQUATE(0324H) !Ctrl-Shift-Home Key

CtrlShiftInsert EQUATE(032DH) !Ctrl-Shift-Insert Key

CtrlShiftLeft EQUATE(0325H) !Ctrl-Shift-Cursor Left Key

CtrlShiftMinus EQUATE(036DH) !Ctrl-Shift-Minus Key

CtrlShiftPause EQUATE(0313H) !Ctrl-Shift-Pause Key

CtrlShiftPgDn EQUATE(0322H) !Ctrl-Shift-PgDn Key

CtrlShiftPgUp EQUATE(0321H) !Ctrl-Shift-PgUp Key

CtrlShiftPlus EQUATE(036BH) !Ctrl-Shift-Plus Key

CtrlShiftPrint EQUATE(032CH) !Ctrl-Shift-PrintScreen Key

CtrlShiftRight EQUATE(0327H) !Ctrl-Shift-Cursor Right Key

CtrlShiftSlash EQUATE(036FH) !Ctrl-Shift-Slash Key

CtrlShiftSpace EQUATE(0320H) !Ctrl-Shift-Spacebar

CtrlShiftTab EQUATE(0309H) !Ctrl-Shift-Tab Ke