List (recognized field pairs)

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The List property is a reference to the structure that holds all the field pairs recognized by the FieldPairsClass object. Use the AddPair or AddItem methods to add field pairs to the List property. For each field pair, the List property includes a "Left" field and a "Right" field.

The "Left" and "Right" designations are reflected in other method names (for example, field assignments methods--AssignLeftToRight and AssignRightToLeft) so you can easily and accurately control the movement of data between the two sets of fields.

Implementation:     List is a reference to a QUEUE declared in ABUTIL.INC as follows:

FieldPairsQueue QUEUE,TYPE

Left             ANY

Right            ANY


The Init method creates an empty List, and the Kill method disposes of the List. AddPair and AddItem add field pairs to the List.

See Also:     AddPair, AddItem, Init