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DRIVER( 'SQLDriver', '/LOGFILE [= Pathname] [[message]]' )

[ LogFile" = ] SEND(file, '/LOGFILE [= Pathname] [[message]]' )

The LOGFILE driver string turns logging on and off, and optionally writes a message to the log file. Turning the LOGFILE switch on writes Clarion I/O statements processed by the driver to the specified log file. The LOGFILE driver string is equivalent to the Profile switch described in the Debugging Your SQL Application section.

Pathname is the full pathname or the filename of the log file to write. If you do not specify a path, the driver writes the log file to the current directory. If Pathname is omitted, the driver writes the log to SQLDriver.log in the current directory.

If the log file already exists, the driver appends to it; otherwise, the driver creates the log file.

The message is optional, however, if included, it must be surrounded by square brackets ([]) and a space must preceed the opening square bracket.


/LOGFILE must be the last driver string specified by the DRIVER attribute.