Logging in to an SQL server

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Automatic Login Dialog

The SQL Accelerator drivers automatically look for UserName and Password values whenever they access an SQL table. If a UserName and Password have already been supplied, the driver uses those values. If no values have been supplied, the driver prompts for the UserName and Password with the automatic login dialog.

We recommend opening a table at the start of your program so the time devoted to logging in occurs at program start up. Clarion's Application Wizard automatically generates code to do this for SQL Accelerator drivers. However, if you do not use the Application Wizard, you can accomplish the same effect simply by adding an SQL table to the Data / Tables Pad for your main procedure. This automatically generates code to open the table.

Except for the ODBC Acclerator Driver, the automatic Login dialog lets the user specify Username, Password and Database.

In the Database drop-down list, select from previously selected hosts. If the Database list is empty, you may type in the database name.