New Class Properties


Press the Insert button to add a new property declaration.

Property Name

Type the property label.

Property Type

Select a simple data type from the list or select Other to enable the Other Data Type field.

Other Data Type

Type the label of a user defined complex data type (such as the label of a GROUP, QUEUE or CLASS), or type a valid entity data type (such as FILE, VIEW, or WINDOW).

Is a Reference

Check this box to declare a reference variable. You must use a reference variable for entity data types and for any complex data type not valid within a GROUP. You may use a reference variable for any other data type. See GROUP and Reference Variables in the Language Reference.


Specify the length of the field in bytes.


To declare the field as an array, and to specify the array dimensions, specify a size for up to four dimensions. Total array size may not exceed 65,520 bytes. See the Language Reference for more information on dimensioned variables and arrays.