ODBC Join Test

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This application (JOINTEST.EXE) demonstrates ODBC connectivity, and allows you to test the JOIN operation capabilities of your ODBC data source. The example is in the


NOTE: The starting point assumption of this application is that you have an ODBC data source installed and correctly configured. If you experience any problem connecting to the data source or opening the files in this application, please consult the documentation that came with your data source and/or its ODBC driver.


This application will correctly function with any ODBC data source that supports the creation of files and keys.

The first time you execute the program, there is no data to browse. Just choose Edit >> Populate Database and sample test data (contained in several .INP files) will be imported into the database.

The two Browse menus appear to be the same - they are not, they display different databases. The most important menu selections are the Child>Parent selections (below the separators). These demonstrate the various JOIN operations. Once you have seen the effect of each, you may choose Edit >> Set Join Type to explore the capabilities of your data source. As you choose from the two sets of radio button options, you setup the behavior and the resulting SQL sent to the data source. It is normal and expected that some of these choices will generate SQL errors, depending on your ODBC data source, thus allowing you to determine that capabilities of the data source.