Oracle Accelerator Overview

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Oracle Server

For complete information on the Oracle database system, please refer to your Oracle documentation.

Oracle Accelerator

Oracle Accelerator is one of several SoftVelocity SQL Accelerators. These SQL drivers share a common code base and many common features such as SoftVelocity's unique, high speed buffering technology, common driver strings, and SQL logging capability. See SQL Accelerators for information on these common features.

The Oracle Accelerator converts standard Clarion file I/O statements and function calls into optimized SQL statements, which it sends to the backend Oracle server for processing. This means you can use the same Clarion code to access both Oracle tables and other file systems such as TopSpeed files. It also means you can use Clarion template generated code with your SQL databases.

All the common behavior of all the SQL Accelerators is documented in the SQL Accelerators section. All behavior specific to this driver is noted here.

SoftVelocity's Oracle Accelerator automatically works with Oracle versions 7.0 and higher. At runtime, the driver initially tries to load the latest Oracle Client DLLs. If they are not available, it tries to load earlier versions.


Personal Oracle 8.0 and higher only works with 32-bit programs.